The Fridge Makeover

            Arguably the number one health hazard today is the easy availability of high calorie foods almost everywhere we go.  Really, how can we avoid irresistibly tasty foods?             Perhaps the problem suggests an answer.  Make the most irresistible foods less available by eliminating them in the environments we can control.  Usually that is our […]

Can Artificial Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain?

Some researchers believe artificial sweeteners are counterproductive when weight loss is the objective. The argument against artificial sweeteners comes from studies indicating that they may disturb the body’s ability to feel satisfied and may encourage eating more.  Compared to people who avoid diet or regular soft drinks, diet soda drinkers appear to have elevated risks […]

Are artificial sweeteners safe?

Manufactures of artificial sweeteners claim they are safe.  Their claims come with endorsements from several reputable organizations including the National Cancer Institute/National Institutes of Health, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Diabetes Association. For an overview of these endorsements for safety and efficacy read “Summaries of Recent Scientific Publications Supporting the Use Of Nonnutritive Sweeteners.”  […]

Why Lifestyle Medicine Matters

            In every walk of life, there are challenges.  Among these challenges is the need to find a balance between accomplishing what is expected of us today with what may be expected of us in the future.             I began my career as a pediatrician only to discover that many problems I faced required knowing […]

Let Us Give Thanks

            Thanksgiving is an opportunity to enjoy friends, family, food and reflect on our blessings.  While deviating from our usual diet is the norm, there are still opportunities to make amends without an awkward detour around the day’s opportunity for relaxation, fun and a bit of indulgence.  While moderation is the keyword, what we do […]

Are You Always Hungry?

In the book, “Always Hungry,” Dr. David Ludwig provides compelling evidence that excess weight gain is caused by certain types of food that upset the hormone balance.  This imbalance then sets off a cycle of cravings, hunger, and overeating.  His premise is that processed carbohydrates are the primary villains, especially high glycemic foods like sugar […]