Diet Fiction

            Many find themselves enticed by diets that promise quick weight loss only to discover the diet is not sustainable.  Usually, the weight comes back with a vengeance and leaves the dieter demoralized and heavier.  Even for those not concerned about weight loss, advertisers make sure you haven’t been left out of the nutrition confusion […]

A few reminders about your health

            With many demands and distractions in life, maintaining our health can be challenging.  The statistics speak for themselves.  Nationally, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, depression and high blood pressure are on the rise.             Turning the tide will require more than a fad diet.  A more successful approach is one that offers opportunities for […]

How to Get More From Your Next Appointment

            Have you had the experience of forgetting something you planned to discuss with me until long after your appointment?  It’s human nature to think of things we want to discuss and in the intervening time before an appointment either forget or dismiss the information as irrelevant.             Often, that lost thought is important information.  […]

The N.E.A.T. Way to Burn Calories

For over a hundred years, each generation has enjoyed an increasing number of conveniences that reduced the need for physical activity.  The move from farms to cities along with the introduction of automobiles and public transportation significantly reduced the need to walk.  Work and leisure activities also became more sedentary.  Watching people play ball frequently […]

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

The medical practice of prevention and wellness has a new name.  It’s now recognized as a certified specialty called Lifestyle Medicine.  In essence, it is a specialty that takes a scientific approach to decreasing disease risk and illness burden by utilizing lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, biblioherapy, weight loss, physical activity, stress reduction, sleep, smoking […]

Sleep Loss – A Real Nightmare

            Quality sleep is as important to our health as diet and exercise.  Unfortunately, the hurried lifestyle so many follow has lead to an epidemic of sleep disorders.  Recent research only doubles down on the serious side effects of poor quality sleep.             We have learned the potential perils of insufficient sleep are numerous and […]

Which Diet is Right?

            A successful weight loss program usually requires: Portion size reduction Nutritious foods Evidence that it can work Positive reinforcement             With dozens of diets, the right choice can be confusing.  For many, the Mediterranean diet is a good choice.             Studies show that people who follow the Mediterranean Diet enjoy better health than those […]