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Can Plants Make You Smarter?

If you have an interest in how lifestyle and, in particular, how nutrition affects brain health, the book “Smart Plants’ by Julie Morris is an enjoyable and informative place to begin your discovery. The book begins with a reminder that what’s good for the body is also good for the brain.  As you might expect, […]

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Where’s the Beef?

Perhaps you remember the 1984 Wendy’s commercial that asked, “Where’s The Beef?”  If not, and you need a good laugh, then be sure to view this thirty-four second, made for TV, classic. For those that don’t remember 1984, that was before we carried smartphones around and TV screens still curved at the edges.  Indeed, many […]

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What Supplements Do I Need?

            Have you noticed a supplement ad and thought, “That’s amazing, I need that?”  Well, if you have, you’re not alone.  Supplements are now the most common form of alternative medicine with Americans spending more than $30 billion on supplements each year.             Advertisements for supplements are compelling.  It’s not unusual for supplement ads to […]