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Could a Recipe Save Your Life?

There have been many advances in medicine over the last 150 years.  Better anesthesia, safer blood transfusions, antibiotics that made amazing surgical techniques possible, and in some cases, almost routine.  Antibiotics alone have saved millions from otherwise deadly bacterial infections.  Hardly a year goes by without another advance in imaging technology, genetics, or new drug […]

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Have a Mindful Christmas

During the holiday season, there is a tendency for the pressure of life to drain away the joy, magic, and meaning of the season.  When our opportunity to enjoy the season is replaced by an overload of stress, then something is amiss. As a reminder that we have a choice about how we respond to […]

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The Daniel Plan

            The Daniel Plan is a diet and lifestyle guide based on science and Biblical teachings.  In general, the nutrition recommendations are in alignment with what I would recommend for someone just beginning to break away from a lifetime of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).  For someone further along in their nutrition education, it […]

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Meat Substitutes

Have you noticed, meat substitutes are gaining in popularity?  While these meat substitutes go by many different names (plant-based meat, fake meat, meat analogs, mock meat, imitation meat, or vegan meat) they are all made primarily from plants, although most are made from highly refined plant parts. For many, these meat substitutes are believed to […]

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Another Pumpkin Story

            For those that have previously encountered one of my pumpkin patch stories, you may have noticed that these stories could also be called backyard gardening stories.             While the garden behind my house is limited in space, it can produce a surprising quantity of vegetables and quite a few pumpkins.  The pumpkins, however, only […]

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Can better nutrition make a better world?

Recently I picked up a book on the new book shelf at the local library. It was the words “Plant-Based Diet” in small letters with an endorsement from Jay-Z and Beyonce’ that caught my attention.  I couldn’t help but smile.  When icons of pop culture promote healthy living, tens of millions get the message.  So, […]

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What’s for Breakfast?

            When your blood sugar begins to fall, your body will demand food.  For some, willpower can delay fulfilling that urge.  Unfortunately, willpower only last so long when up against a relentless survival urge.  If tired or stressed, expect willpower to lose. For a woman in her premenstrual week, hormones can also magnify cravings.             […]

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Eat More, Weigh Less

            It’s hard to imagine a more suspicious sounding diet than one called “Eat More, Weigh, Less” and yet that’s the title of a book published some 40+ years ago by Dr. Dean Ornish.  Interestingly, Dr. Ornish had no particular interest in weight loss diets until he noticed that patients on his heart healthy plant-based […]

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Why Oats?

            If oats haven’t become a popular food in your life, then it’s time to reconsider the benefits it offers.  Oats have the best amino acid balance of all the cereal grains and contain more soluble fiber than any other grain.  While getting the right balance of amino acids is rarely a dietary concern, soluble […]


Who’s the Chef at Your Home?

Fall is another reminder that time stops for no one.  If thoughts of a fresh start on your diet or exercise routines have been in your plans, let fall be your new beginning. Come fall, children are back in school and the yard that took so much attention offers a break.  With luck the home […]