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What’s in Your Water?

The quality of water delivered to your home by the local water department will vary in purity based on the source of the water (rivers, wells, etc.), the processes used to purify the water, and the system of pipes used to deliver the water to your tap. In most public water systems, these three factors […]

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Nutrition Labels Are Changing

            The format of Government regulated nutrition labels has evolved over the years and is ready to change again.  As you might expect, getting agreement from all interested parties (scientist, consumers, farmers, food manufacturers, etc.) has required tradeoffs.  In the politics of nutrition, decisions in favor of science over industry profits gained a little this […]

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The Future of Medicare

If you are among the many that have paid into Medicare, you may be wondering how your investment is doing.  Given that Medicare is a pay as you go system that will depend on the success of the economy and tax revenues to pay for the benefits. It’s reasonable to expect that if budgets deficits […]

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The Tragedy of the Commons

            The Tragedy of the Commons is a situation where a shared resource is overused.  Typically this happens when members of a group fail to communicate about their mutual needs, or self-interest overshadows the common good.             The most visible examples of a shared resource being misused involve natural resources like water, air, or forest.  […]

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A Zombie Story

            Imagine for a moment that massive numbers of people have been reported to be senselessly walking off cliffs around the country.  In desperation, ever larger hospitals with massive emergency rooms are built at the bottom of the cliffs.             If this story was from a grade B zombie movie, you would have little to […]

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Diet Fiction

            Many find themselves enticed by diets that promise quick weight loss only to discover the diet is not sustainable.  Usually, the weight comes back with a vengeance and leaves the dieter demoralized and heavier.  Even for those not concerned about weight loss, advertisers make sure you haven’t been left out of the nutrition confusion […]

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How Primary Care Affects Health Care Costs and Outcomes

Want to know what the Government is doing to improve primary care? A peek into the testimony at congressional hearings might give you a clue. You might be surprised to learn the Government has a few questions they are still puzzling over. Fortunately, a Kansas primary care physician has some nice answers. Alas, Senators are […]