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The Fate of Food

            In the book, “The Fate of Food,” the author poses an interesting question. “What will we eat in a hotter and more populous world of the future?”             With soil quality rapidly decreasing from poor farming practices and freshwater supplies stretched to their limit in much of the world, what will be the fate […]

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Another Pumpkin Story

            For those that have previously encountered one of my pumpkin patch stories, you may have noticed that these stories could also be called backyard gardening stories.             While the garden behind my house is limited in space, it can produce a surprising quantity of vegetables and quite a few pumpkins.  The pumpkins, however, only […]

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Let’s Go to the Park

Spending time in nature helps people feel measurably happier.  Of course, almost any relaxing activity can help relieve stress and help us feel happier.  There is just something special about being in nature that makes it one of the more effective ways to improve your health and happiness. Being surrounded by green spaces and nature […]

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The Best Skin Care Tip

            The best skin care tip is to make sun protection part of your daily routine.  For example, if you plan to take an afternoon walk or do yard work, keep your hat and sunscreen where you will see them as you head outdoors.  Just make it part of your day in the sun ritual. […]

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What does walking have to do with poetry?

A daily walk is medicine for the body and the soul.  Taken daily it offers amazing benefits.  It even seems to inspire poetry. Plan to join me for a fun walk that’s a step toward better health. Nancy Neighbors, MD Did you hear the robin sing? I heard the maytime robin sing His merry voice […]

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Ticks – The Good News First

The good news about ticks is that 95% of confirmed tick bites usually come from one of fourteen states and Alabama isn’t one of them. The bad news is that ticks are with us year round although most active in the warmer months (April-September).  Our recent mild winter followed by a wet spring has increased […]


Are Mosquitoes A Health Concern?

While worries about the zika mosquito-borne virus have been in the news, it’s not the only threat mosquitoes can pose.  If on travel to warmer climates, West Nile virus, dengue fever, malaria and Chikungunya pose significant health threats.  Fortunately, in our area we have fewer concerns. Travel associated with globalization has helped spread mosquito-borne illnesses. A […]

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How to Live a Healthier Life

By some estimates genetics account for 25% of our health outcomes and longevity.  Fortunately, the remaining 75% leaves quite a bit to work with in a quest for quality of life.  The best part is discovering how interesting the quest can be. One study of men at risk for coronary artery disease found that those […]

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Discovery of the Year – Vitamin W

            What has another year of research taught us about the effects of lifestyle on our prospects for attaining the best health?  In general what we had known was reinforced with “multiple exclamation marks.” Of course, research reports don’t have exclamation points, highlighting or underlining.  What these reports have are valuable numbers that improve our […]

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A Pumpkin Story

If you have watched a pumpkin seed grow into a pumpkin, my story will be familiar. Today, few see farm plants grow. For many, the grocery produce section is their closest encounter with edible whole plants.   For most of the year, the produce section displays the usual items with little variation. Then comes October […]