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Can Plants Make You Smarter?

If you have an interest in how lifestyle and, in particular, how nutrition affects brain health, the book “Smart Plants’ by Julie Morris is an enjoyable and informative place to begin your discovery. The book begins with a reminder that what’s good for the body is also good for the brain.  As you might expect, […]

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Could a Recipe Save Your Life?

There have been many advances in medicine over the last 150 years.  Better anesthesia, safer blood transfusions, antibiotics that made amazing surgical techniques possible, and in some cases, almost routine.  Antibiotics alone have saved millions from otherwise deadly bacterial infections.  Hardly a year goes by without another advance in imaging technology, genetics, or new drug […]

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Enjoy a Mindful New Year

            This New Year’s message is complements of Beth Cook and Leila Nabors, cofounders of the Alabama Institute for Mindfulness Making Room For the New             Several weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend about the upcoming holidays, including the new year. Our discussion centered around new year’s resolutions and intentions. She mentioned […]

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Have a Mindful Christmas

During the holiday season, there is a tendency for the pressure of life to drain away the joy, magic, and meaning of the season.  When our opportunity to enjoy the season is replaced by an overload of stress, then something is amiss. As a reminder that we have a choice about how we respond to […]

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An Alternative Pain Prescription

Most pains are short-lived and serve as reminders. A little pain quickly teaches us to hammer a nail more carefully.  More intense pains are usually associated with severe tissue damage.  In some cases, however, pain occurs in the absence of tissue damage.  This is because all pain signals travel to the brain to be interpreted. […]

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Marriageology – The Art and Science of Staying Together

            For anyone married or planning to get married, the book “Marriageology – The Art and Science of Staying Together” by Belinda Luscombe is a must-read book.  Not since the book “Five Love Languages” has there been a book I felt like recommending to patients seeking help to understand their marriage better.  The book is […]

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Habits, They Make Us or Break Us

Habits play a significant role in our lives.  By some estimates, half of our behaviors including what we think, say, feel, and do are controlled by our habits.  As you might expect, if you want to make an important change in life, you will probably have to change some habits. Hundreds of articles and books […]

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The Volumetrics Diet

            The Volumetrics Weight loss plan is an interesting variation on the basic plant-based whole food diet that provides wiggle room for your favorite foods.  It’s also one of the few diets that have the potential of being sustainable and supports good health.  The diet offers plenty of opportunities to benefit from good nutrition, and […]

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The Benefits of Gratitude

            While Thanksgiving Day may have hurried by, the spirit of thanksgiving is a treasure we can endeavor to carry forward.  The act of giving thanks brings inner peace, turns what we have into enough, and gives hope for tomorrow.  Gratitude is about noticing simple pleasures and acknowledging the miracle of life.             I am […]

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Five health behaviors that reduce chronic diseases.

Recent surveys by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tell us that approximately half of all adults in the United States – around 117 million people had at least one chronic health condition and 1 in 4 adults had two or more. The good news is that the following five key health behaviors […]