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Why Do We Age?

Why we have a finite lifespan is a question that has yet to be fully answered.  While many theories have been investigated, research is now focused on a few promising theories that may provide the answer.  The big question facing researchers is an uncertainty about the number of biological processes that affect aging.  Some researchers […]

Aging Longevity

What Are The Alternatives?

When traditional western medicine fails to provide an acceptable answer, options available from alternative and complementary medicine can sometimes provide relief and even remarkable cures.  Often these cures are based on lifestyle changes as an alternative to pills and procedures.  In other cases, the alternatives may stretch your imagination and even give you pause to […]

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The Future of Medicare

If you are among the many that have paid into Medicare, you may be wondering how your investment is doing.  Given that Medicare is a pay as you go system that will depend on the success of the economy and tax revenues to pay for the benefits. It’s reasonable to expect that if budgets deficits […]

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Can Chronic Diseases Be Reversed?

            When Dr. Dean Ornish and his wife Anne Ornish released their book “UnDo It! – How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases,” it received quite a bit of positive attention from the mainstream medical field including endorsements from medical professors at leading universities, editors of leading medical journals, presidents of medical associations, […]

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The Challenges of Life

            Over the last decade, the number of foods promoted for their nutritional advantage has grown significantly.  At the same time, savvy food marketing efforts have been quite successful at confusing the public about what makes foods nutritious.  Are potato chips seasoned with natural herbs, sea salt, and sporting a nature scene on the package […]

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Marriageology – The Art and Science of Staying Together

            For anyone married or planning to get married, the book “Marriageology – The Art and Science of Staying Together” by Belinda Luscombe is a must-read book.  Not since the book “Five Love Languages” has there been a book I felt like recommending to patients seeking help to understand their marriage better.  The book is […]

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Brain Health is Important

This month’s tips for brain health come from the Ohio Council for Cognitive Health.  In their mission to raise awareness about cognitive health, they have partnered with ‘Walk With a Doc’ as a way of providing information about brain health. As it happens, there is a lot that can be done to help maintain our […]

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How Not To Die

The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers – A Book by Dr. Michael Greger             The book “How Not To Die” is a reminder that lifestyle matters.  As Dr. Michael Greger takes the reader through the 15 most likely causes of death in America, it becomes clear that something […]

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Does Life Style Really Matter?

            No doubt you would expect my answer to be a resounding confirmation that lifestyle matters.  But really, how much difference does lifestyle make?  As it happens, a positive lifestyle can make an astounding difference in how long you will live and the quality of life you will enjoy over those years.             As you […]

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Habits, They Make Us or Break Us

Habits play a significant role in our lives.  By some estimates, half of our behaviors including what we think, say, feel, and do are controlled by our habits.  As you might expect, if you want to make an important change in life, you will probably have to change some habits. Hundreds of articles and books […]