Heart Disease

Why a Heart Healthy Lifestyle is Important?

           The best reason to keep heart healthy is to avoid being disabled or dead after 50.  The numbers tell the story.  The number one cause of death and number two cause of disability is heart disease.             While people live longer than they did 100 years ago, they have unfortunately been living those extra […]

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Am I Captain of My Ship?

By some estimates, about twenty-five percent of a person’s health and longevity is due to their genetics. The rest is usually determined by lifestyle and environment.  In essence, genetics is not necessarily our destiny.  The extent to which genes are turned on or off is often within our control. One patient in his mid 80’s […]

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Want a Healthy Heart? Laughter and Love Can Help

Feelings of depression, anxiety, social isolation, hostility, and anger put us at a higher risk for heart disease.  Fortunately, research shows that how we view the world makes a difference and, in particular, laughter is good for us.  In a wide range of studies, laughter has been found to increases the blood flow by causing […]

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A Few Thoughts About Heart Disease

            While cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of women and men in the United States, it is unfortunate that with evidence of how to prevent and reverse most heart disease with lifestyle changes that this strategy has not been promoted as the first line therapy for the vast majority of patients.  The reason, […]