Moderate exercise helps reduce blood pressure

            In a large study of people with a high-normal resting heart rate of 80 to 99 beats per minute (bpm) it was found they had a 40% shorter lifespan than those with a desirable heart rate of 60 to 69 bpm.             The good news is that moderate exercise (such as brisk walking) can […]

An Easy Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

            Spending a few minutes three times a week squeezing spring-loaded handgrips can reduce systolic blood pressure by up to fifteen points in less than ten weeks.  Typically the diastolic number (the pressure in between beats) will fall by three points.             While handgrips are not a cure for hypertension, they are a nice way […]

The health benefits of flossing teeth

            Your teeth and gums are more than something to chew and smile with.  To a doctor, they are windows into your health.  Left unchecked, disease and inflammation in the mouth can destroy the bones supporting teeth and open the door for disease to spread into other parts of your body.             While we lack […]

Reduce risk factors to living longer with quality of life

            Improving your chances of avoiding a stroke is easier than you might imagine.  The secret is reducing risk factors known to make strokes more likely.  By managing your risk factors, 90% of strokes can be avoided.  High blood pressure tops the list of risk factors.  Second in importance is physical activity followed by cholesterol […]

Does Cardiovascular Disease Presage Dementia?

            Have you wondered why cardiovascular risk factors often top my list of concerns?  In case I missed a chance to elaborate, I’ll share a few thoughts that may speak to your curiosity.             As a result of lifestyle choices, cardiovascular disease (atherosclerosis) is showing up much earlier.  A generation ago cardiovascular disease was rarely […]

The Esselstyn Heart Healthy Diet

            Perhaps you have encountered Dr. Esselstyn’s diet in a magazine article or by way of his CNN interview by Wolf Blitzer about former President Bill Clinton’s change to a plant based diet.  What made Clinton’s diet change interesting was his highly visible attraction to fast food. Throughout both terms as president he was […]

Are Stents The Answer?

            In a previous newsletter I mentioned Dr. David Sabgir, an Ohio cardiovascular specialist, featured as a ‘CNN Hero’ in a news item titled “Doctor ditches white coat for walking shoes.”  What follows are more thoughts from the perspective of this cardiovascular specialist.             There are several myths surrounding Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).  A big […]

My Valentine Wish for You

            Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day alone or with someone special, it’s an opportunity to celebrate with healthy choices.  My Valentine wish is for your health and happiness through wise choices.  It’s a gift you can keep and give away.  Personally, I’m regifting from CDC.  Hope you find it a gift you can use in […]

How Women Stay On Top of Heart Health

            One way for women to stay on top of heart health is to know the target numbers for good health. These important numbers include: Blood pressure. High blood pressure can damage your heart as well as make you susceptible to stroke. Keep the systolic, top number, below 120 millimeters of mercury and the diastolic, […]

Women Need Healthy Heart Habits

            Women need to engage in healthy habits to control risk factors including blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  The downside of ignoring these factors is that we now have about 43 million women in the country with cardiovascular disease.             In women, heart disease is more likely to be cause of death […]