Should You Stretch Your Hamstrings?

This week we have a health topic from Casey Westbrook, with Austin Physical Therapy, that should interest anyone getting started with an exercise program and might be inclined to overdo it.  For the couch potato suffering from back pain he also offers a word of caution.  As you will learn, the conventional recommendation for stretching […]

How many calories does walking Use?

            While the most important value of exercise is general good health, a side benefit is the calories we burn that would otherwise become unwanted weight gain. If you have been curious about how many calories you use walking, the table below provides some estimates.             The main factors that affect number of calories burned […]

Back pain – it began as a twinge

            Whether you’re a couch potato or an elite athlete there’s a strong chance you’ll eventually deal with back pain.  Often it begins as a twinge that radiates and makes movement painful.             In the past back pain was less frequent. Today it ranks as the second most common reason people see a doctor and […]

Can exercise help overcome addiction to tobacco?

            Knowing my patients are less likely to end up in the hospital with chest pain if they have regular exercise keeps me motivated to emphasize the importance of staying fit in as many creative ways as I can find. The advantages in gaining and keeping quality of life are numerous. Modest exercise can: Reduce […]

Moderate exercise helps reduce blood pressure

            In a large study of people with a high-normal resting heart rate of 80 to 99 beats per minute (bpm) it was found they had a 40% shorter lifespan than those with a desirable heart rate of 60 to 69 bpm.             The good news is that moderate exercise (such as brisk walking) can […]

An Easy Exercise Lowers Blood Pressure

            Spending a few minutes three times a week squeezing spring-loaded handgrips can reduce systolic blood pressure by up to fifteen points in less than ten weeks.  Typically the diastolic number (the pressure in between beats) will fall by three points.             While handgrips are not a cure for hypertension, they are a nice way […]

The three components of a well-balanced exercise routine

            For anyone suffering mild depression or low self-esteem, regular exercise is a first step therapy.  Exercise causes the body to produce endorphins that help us feel more peaceful and happy.  As a sleep, aid exercise is about as good as it gets.             We look better when we have regular exercise.  Exercise burns calories […]

What doctors say about benefits of walking

            Adding exercise to your routine is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  If you are unsure of what’s best for you, I’ll be glad to offer a suggestion.  The potential benefits are hard to ignore.             Benefits can include reduced risk of heart disease and high blood pressure,  reduced risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, […]