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What to do When the Path Ahead is Uncertain?

When a chronic condition doesn’t respond to traditional medical therapies (pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, etc.), there remain at least four alternatives. Lifestyle changes that often provide cures or delay progression  Mindfulness training that can make living with the condition bearable Naturopathic treatments (water therapy, fasting, manipulations) Doing nothing and hoping for the best. Oddly, despite evidence […]

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Eat Plants Feel Whole

            The purpose of a self-help book is to change your life for the better, hopefully, before it’s too late.  Unfortunately, in matters of health, many people seeking medical help are already in crisis and sometimes beyond the point of full recovery.             In Dr. George Guthrie’s new book, “Eat Plants Feel Whole,” he shares […]

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Let’s Get Walking

While most find more enthusiasm for exercise in warmer weather, our need for exercise doesn’t diminish because it’s winter.  For best health, we need ways to offset the consequences of sedentary living with daily activities that keep us moving.  Studies show that a brisk walk can help lower the risk of high blood pressure, high […]

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The Game Changers

            Often I face skepticism when recommending a plant-based whole food diet for disease prevention or as part of a disease cure.  If I should venture to mention the additional advantages for enhanced immunity to disease, enhanced strength, or virility I find myself at the risk of even more suspicion that I’ve wandered into some […]

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Should You Monkey Around?

Do you recall hanging from monkey bars on the school playground?  Remember how compelling it was to swing from bar to bar until the bell rang?  Sure it was fun to dangle your feet, but perhaps it was also a latent urge from an arboreal past.  From the popularity of monkey bars when I was […]

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Brain Health is Important

This month’s tips for brain health come from the Ohio Council for Cognitive Health.  In their mission to raise awareness about cognitive health, they have partnered with ‘Walk With a Doc’ as a way of providing information about brain health. As it happens, there is a lot that can be done to help maintain our […]

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Let’s Go to the Park

Spending time in nature helps people feel measurably happier.  Of course, almost any relaxing activity can help relieve stress and help us feel happier.  There is just something special about being in nature that makes it one of the more effective ways to improve your health and happiness. Being surrounded by green spaces and nature […]

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How Not To Die

The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers – A Book by Dr. Michael Greger             The book “How Not To Die” is a reminder that lifestyle matters.  As Dr. Michael Greger takes the reader through the 15 most likely causes of death in America, it becomes clear that something […]

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What is Normal Blood Pressure?

            The American Heart Association (AHA) estimates that 46% of the adult U.S. population has some form of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).  In part, this estimate is the result of redefining high blood pressure as a reading of 130/80 mmHg, a lower threshold than the previous standard of 140/90 mmHg.             This new standard is because […]

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Should You Stretch Your Hamstrings?

This week we have a health topic from Casey Westbrook, with Austin Physical Therapy, that should interest anyone getting started with an exercise program and might be inclined to overdo it.  For the couch potato suffering from back pain he also offers a word of caution.  As you will learn, the conventional recommendation for stretching […]