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Eat Plants Feel Whole

            The purpose of a self-help book is to change your life for the better, hopefully, before it’s too late.  Unfortunately, in matters of health, many people seeking medical help are already in crisis and sometimes beyond the point of full recovery.             In Dr. George Guthrie’s new book, “Eat Plants Feel Whole,” he shares […]

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The Daniel Plan

            The Daniel Plan is a diet and lifestyle guide based on science and Biblical teachings.  In general, the nutrition recommendations are in alignment with what I would recommend for someone just beginning to break away from a lifetime of eating the Standard American Diet (SAD).  For someone further along in their nutrition education, it […]

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Meat Substitutes

Have you noticed, meat substitutes are gaining in popularity?  While these meat substitutes go by many different names (plant-based meat, fake meat, meat analogs, mock meat, imitation meat, or vegan meat) they are all made primarily from plants, although most are made from highly refined plant parts. For many, these meat substitutes are believed to […]

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Do You Snack Wisely?

            Have you noticed how many people snack between meals?  If you have, the Department of Agriculture assures us, it’s not just the people around you.  According to Government surveys, snacking between meals has increased significantly over the past 50 years. By the 1970s, about 50% had taken up snacking between meals.  More recent surveys […]

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The Keto Diet

            In recent years, the keto (ketogenic) diet has become increasingly popular.  Like most fad diets, the enthusiastic claims have little substance aside from quick weight loss that is rarely sustainable.  Of course, fast weight loss, with disregard for consequences is the common thread in every fad diet.             Fads are like mold on the […]

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Nutrition Labels Are Changing

            The format of Government regulated nutrition labels has evolved over the years and is ready to change again.  As you might expect, getting agreement from all interested parties (scientist, consumers, farmers, food manufacturers, etc.) has required tradeoffs.  In the politics of nutrition, decisions in favor of science over industry profits gained a little this […]

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The Game Changers

            Often I face skepticism when recommending a plant-based whole food diet for disease prevention or as part of a disease cure.  If I should venture to mention the additional advantages for enhanced immunity to disease, enhanced strength, or virility I find myself at the risk of even more suspicion that I’ve wandered into some […]

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The Challenges of Life

            Over the last decade, the number of foods promoted for their nutritional advantage has grown significantly.  At the same time, savvy food marketing efforts have been quite successful at confusing the public about what makes foods nutritious.  Are potato chips seasoned with natural herbs, sea salt, and sporting a nature scene on the package […]

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Can better nutrition make a better world?

Recently I picked up a book on the new book shelf at the local library. It was the words “Plant-Based Diet” in small letters with an endorsement from Jay-Z and Beyonce’ that caught my attention.  I couldn’t help but smile.  When icons of pop culture promote healthy living, tens of millions get the message.  So, […]

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Where’s the Beef?

Perhaps you remember the 1984 Wendy’s commercial that asked, “Where’s The Beef?”  If not, and you need a good laugh, then be sure to view this thirty-four second, made for TV, classic. For those that don’t remember 1984, that was before we carried smartphones around and TV screens still curved at the edges.  Indeed, many […]