The Volumetrics Diet

            The Volumetrics Weight loss plan is an interesting variation on the basic plant-based whole food diet that provides wiggle room for your favorite foods.  It’s also one of the few diets that have the potential of being sustainable and supports good health.  The diet offers plenty of opportunities to benefit from good nutrition, and […]

Eat More, Weigh Less

            It’s hard to imagine a more suspicious sounding diet than one called “Eat More, Weigh, Less” and yet that’s the title of a book published some 40+ years ago by Dr. Dean Ornish.  Interestingly, Dr. Ornish had no particular interest in weight loss diets until he noticed that patients on his heart healthy plant-based […]

Whole Grains

           Whole grains are a healthy addition to almost any diet.  In varying amounts, they provide healthy proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and micronutrients.  As a bonus, whole grain oats help reduce blood fats (LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, etc).  This ability to lower LDL without changing HDL is believed to result from the viscous beta-glucan fibers in oats.  […]

Is Breakfast Important?

For most, the foods they choose to eat come from habits learned in childhood.  Unfortunately, many of these food choices were influenced by commercials that promised ever tastier and easier ways to prepare meals rather than evidence about nutrition. Complicating the development of healthy taste preferences was the food industries’ influence over Federal food guidelines […]

Calorie Density – What is it and why does it matter?

            Almost everyone finds it difficult to lose weight by eating less.  Fortunately, there is a solution to this vexing problem on the produce aisle.  By substituting the appropriate low caloric density foods for foods with a high caloric density, calories intake decreases.  This strategy has the advantage of allowing you to eat all you […]

Are You a Proteinaholic?

While food controversies over the last few decades tainted public opinions about carbohydrates and fats, protein survived with reputation intact.  With help from food marketing, protein has arguably achieved rock star status as the macronutrient of choice.  It’s noticeable how many foods promote their protein content as if it should be our most important concern. […]

The risky American lifestyle

            If you have diabetes or prediabetes, what follows may be fairly judged as preaching to the choir.  If you don’t, be aware that living the typical American lifestyle significantly increases your probability of having diabetes.             If you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, you may wonder if you’re home free.  Well, if you live […]