How Not To Die

The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers – A Book by Dr. Michael Greger             The book “How Not To Die” is a reminder that lifestyle matters.  As Dr. Michael Greger takes the reader through the 15 most likely causes of death in America, it becomes clear that something […]

Are You a Proteinaholic?

While food controversies over the last few decades tainted public opinions about carbohydrates and fats, protein survived with reputation intact.  With help from food marketing, protein has arguably achieved rock star status as the macronutrient of choice.  It’s noticeable how many foods promote their protein content as if it should be our most important concern. […]

The Lifestyle Medicine Revolution

We live in an age of amazing medical technologies that help with a wide range of circumstances.  Still, it’s hard to not be disappointed with the high cost and the notion that very few of these technologies address the root causes of disease.  This isn’t a surprise given that what most people suffer from is […]

How much sun is right for you?

With summer coming, you may be hearing more about the dangers of sun exposure vs. the dangers of not getting enough sun. Complicating the discussions will be opinions about sunscreens blocking vitamin D absorption, sunscreen additives implicated as carcinogenic or endocrine disrupters and questionable claims about sunscreen lotion effectiveness.  To place the issue in perspective […]

The Amazing Pill

            Have you heard about the possibility of a long awaited breakthrough in medical research?  It’s a pill that can keep most of us healthy and vital into our 80s and 90s by: Preventing 95% of premature cancers, Preventing nearly all heart attacks and strokes, Often reversing heart disease, Preventing and reversing type 2 diabetes, […]

Am I Captain of My Ship?

By some estimates, about twenty-five percent of a person’s health and longevity is due to their genetics. The rest is usually determined by lifestyle and environment.  In essence, genetics is not necessarily our destiny.  The extent to which genes are turned on or off is often within our control. One patient in his mid 80’s […]

How America Got Hooked

      The story of how America got hooked on tobacco products has striking similarities to the story of how many today became hooked on addictive foods.  Just as cigarettes were formulated to enhance their addictive qualities, today, many foods are formulated with the same objective.  For the tobacco industry, selling a profitable product that caused cancer […]