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What to do When the Path Ahead is Uncertain?

When a chronic condition doesn’t respond to traditional medical therapies (pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, etc.), there remain at least four alternatives. Lifestyle changes that often provide cures or delay progression  Mindfulness training that can make living with the condition bearable Naturopathic treatments (water therapy, fasting, manipulations) Doing nothing and hoping for the best. Oddly, despite evidence […]

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Enjoy a Mindful New Year

            This New Year’s message is complements of Beth Cook and Leila Nabors, cofounders of the Alabama Institute for Mindfulness Making Room For the New             Several weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend about the upcoming holidays, including the new year. Our discussion centered around new year’s resolutions and intentions. She mentioned […]

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Have a Mindful Christmas

During the holiday season, there is a tendency for the pressure of life to drain away the joy, magic, and meaning of the season.  When our opportunity to enjoy the season is replaced by an overload of stress, then something is amiss. As a reminder that we have a choice about how we respond to […]

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A Doctor’s Story

When I meet a new patient, I often take a moment to get to know them, and I tell them about myself and my personal and professional philosophy and guiding principles as their new family physician. As part of this initial visit, I often tell them, “I have a medical secret. It might not quite […]

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The Tragedy of the Commons

            The Tragedy of the Commons is a situation where a shared resource is overused.  Typically this happens when members of a group fail to communicate about their mutual needs, or self-interest overshadows the common good.             The most visible examples of a shared resource being misused involve natural resources like water, air, or forest.  […]

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Can Chronic Diseases Be Reversed?

            When Dr. Dean Ornish and his wife Anne Ornish released their book “UnDo It! – How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases,” it received quite a bit of positive attention from the mainstream medical field including endorsements from medical professors at leading universities, editors of leading medical journals, presidents of medical associations, […]

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Habits, They Make Us or Break Us

Habits play a significant role in our lives.  By some estimates, half of our behaviors including what we think, say, feel, and do are controlled by our habits.  As you might expect, if you want to make an important change in life, you will probably have to change some habits. Hundreds of articles and books […]

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The Volumetrics Diet

            The Volumetrics Weight loss plan is an interesting variation on the basic plant-based whole food diet that provides wiggle room for your favorite foods.  It’s also one of the few diets that have the potential of being sustainable and supports good health.  The diet offers plenty of opportunities to benefit from good nutrition, and […]

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Why Being Average is Unhealthy

            Because I’m concerned about the long-term health of my patients, I often ask about diet and interest in weight loss.  For most, this question is understood as a reasonable concern.  Curiously, over the years more have objected to my concerns by pointing out that almost everyone is heavy as if to ask, “I’m just […]

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Better New Year’s Resolutions

            Is your life plan on Post-it notes falling off the refrigerator, scattered over old calendar planners, or lost in “organize my life apps” that don’t work the way you do?  If there is an element of truth in any of these scenarios then you’re a candidate for an old idea that’s been revived.  The […]