Is Natural Food Better?

            If you are a health conscious shopper it’s compelling to take a second look at products marked “natural” when choosing among otherwise similar products. If you have this inclination you are in the majority.  Consumer Reports found that over 60% of shoppers regularly look for “natural” labels when shopping. Unfortunately, the word natural has […]

Do Diet Sodas Help You Lose Weight?

            While diet sodas have fewer calories than their sugary cousins, they can undermine weight loss efforts.             In a study comparing diet sodas with water, the water group lost almost 20% more and had greater improvements in fasting insulin.             As shown in the infographics below, water also provides benefits when compared with the […]

Family nutrition – thoughts to eat by –

            If past suggestions to your family about improving nutrition or weight loss haven’t led to change then don’t feel you’re out of options.  Changing lifelong habits can take more than one motivating idea.             As a first step, consider how the message is being presented.  If the family ‘health talk’ comes across as judgmental […]

Thoughts for daily living

                Our physical and mental well being is inseparable.  Each has the potential to enhance or detract from the quality of our life and the lives of those around us.                  Our lifestyle habits are infectious.  A smile is often returned with a smile.  Unfortunately, a negative attitude can be similarly infectious. Being surrounded by […]

Nutrition Myths

            A healthy diet is important for general health and wellness.  Unfortunately, we live in a world bombarded with dietary myths and poorly supported ‘scientific evidence’ masquerading as dietary information.  Myths abound about micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), non-nutrients (components of food of no proven value), and calories.              A common […]

A few reminders about your health

            With many demands and distractions in life, maintaining our health can be challenging.  The statistics speak for themselves.  Nationally, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, depression and high blood pressure are on the rise.             Turning the tide will require more than a fad diet.  A more successful approach is one that offers opportunities for […]

Tips for Managing Portion Sizes

            Our average daily calorie intake in the United States has increased over 24 percent (about 530 calories) since 1970.  Meanwhile, most have become less physically active with diets trending toward more simple carbohydrates and processed foods.             A large coke at McDonalds in 1955 was only 7 oz.  By the turn of the century […]

Can exercise help overcome addiction to tobacco?

            Knowing my patients are less likely to end up in the hospital with chest pain if they have regular exercise keeps me motivated to emphasize the importance of staying fit in as many creative ways as I can find. The advantages in gaining and keeping quality of life are numerous. Modest exercise can: Reduce […]