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Lifestyle Can Be The Best Medicine

During the previous week, I had the pleasure of an educational opportunity that charged me with energy and inspired me to seek new ways to help you, my dear patients, to feel better and lead healthier lives. For the week, I worked with leaders in the field of lifestyle medicine.  Granted, some of the concepts […]

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Am I Captain of My Ship?

By some estimates, about twenty-five percent of a person’s health and longevity is due to their genetics. The rest is usually determined by lifestyle and environment.  In essence, genetics is not necessarily our destiny.  The extent to which genes are turned on or off is often within our control. One patient in his mid 80’s […]

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Want a Healthy Heart? Laughter and Love Can Help

Feelings of depression, anxiety, social isolation, hostility, and anger put us at a higher risk for heart disease.  Fortunately, research shows that how we view the world makes a difference and, in particular, laughter is good for us.  In a wide range of studies, laughter has been found to increases the blood flow by causing […]

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Mind-Body Medicine

            Until recent times, traditional Western medicine was based mostly on a belief that the mind and body were separate.  In contrast, many ancient healing practices, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine, emphasized a belief in the mind-body connection.  Some of these ancient healing practices are now accepted as complementary medicine.  The dilemma […]

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Can a Winter Walk Change Your Life?

Anthropologists believe that humans have probably existed in something close to our current form for at least 300,000 years. With the exception of modern times, human activity was almost all outdoors in natural daylight. Unfortunately, our species has been a bit too clever in creating dim and unnaturally lit boxes to live in that go […]


Roast Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe

             For a plant-based Thanksgiving recipe serve Roast Stuffed Pumpkin as your centerpiece for a nutritious dinner.  Tender, sweet, baked pumpkin stuffed with a delicious mixture of rice, vegetables, nuts & cranberries makes a very tasty dish.             For another tasty Fall recipe try ‘Brian’s Stuffing’ from “The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook” (Page […]

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A Few Thoughts About Heart Disease

            While cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of women and men in the United States, it is unfortunate that with evidence of how to prevent and reverse most heart disease with lifestyle changes that this strategy has not been promoted as the first line therapy for the vast majority of patients.  The reason, […]


How America Got Hooked

      The story of how America got hooked on tobacco products has striking similarities to the story of how many today became hooked on addictive foods.  Just as cigarettes were formulated to enhance their addictive qualities, today, many foods are formulated with the same objective.  For the tobacco industry, selling a profitable product that caused cancer […]

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Cancer Prevention vs. Cancer Cures

    Few diseases strike more fear than a diagnosis of cancer.   Today, cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease.   Based on the money spent searching for cancer cures you might expect amazing discoveries.   Unfortunately, despite spending 2-3 times more on cancer research than heart disease, progress preventing and curing cancer has been […]


Reframe Your Holiday

    Holidays can be a stressful time without an attitude of gratefulness to support us.  Sometimes our relationship with fellow workers, close friends and family seem to be the source of our greatest stress. While you can’t change your family, you can change how you look at them.  Before your next encounter, reframe your expectations with […]