Why Lifestyle Medicine Matters

            There is a movement for change in how healthcare is provided that can improve the quality of healthcare and significantly reduce cost.  It’s a movement that’s been sparked by a recognition that the status quo approach of treating symptoms with ever-increasing quantities of expensive pills and procedures is unsustainable. This movement is being led […]

Was The Refrigerator Guilty?

            An urgent evening call about digestive distress frequently turns out to be about a food-borne illness issue.  If the event followed a meal eaten at a restaurant, the restaurant typically gets the blame.  In fairness to restaurants, if our home kitchens had to meet the health standards of restaurants, virtually all home kitchens would […]

How many calories does walking Use?

            While the most important value of exercise is general good health, a side benefit is the calories we burn that would otherwise become unwanted weight gain. If you have been curious about how many calories you use walking, the table below provides some estimates.             The main factors that affect number of calories burned […]

Want To Prevent The Flu? Eat Your Veggies

            When you’re exposed to a virus like the flu your pre-existing immunity and general state of health determine whether you will get sick and how long it will take to recover.             Having previously had the flu provides some protection if you later encounter the same strain of virus.  Unfortunately, the flu virus has […]

The risky American lifestyle

            If you have diabetes or prediabetes, what follows may be fairly judged as preaching to the choir.  If you don’t, be aware that living the typical American lifestyle significantly increases your probability of having diabetes.             If you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, you may wonder if you’re home free.  Well, if you live […]

The Benefits of Gratitude

            While Thanksgiving Day may have hurried by, the spirit of thanksgiving is a treasure we can endeavor to carry forward.  The act of giving thanks brings inner peace, turns what we have into enough, and gives hope for tomorrow.  Gratitude is about noticing simple pleasures and acknowledging the miracle of life.             I am […]

Back pain – it began as a twinge

            Whether you’re a couch potato or an elite athlete there’s a strong chance you’ll eventually deal with back pain.  Often it begins as a twinge that radiates and makes movement painful.             In the past back pain was less frequent. Today it ranks as the second most common reason people see a doctor and […]