Diet Fiction

            Many find themselves enticed by diets that promise quick weight loss only to discover the diet is not sustainable.  Usually, the weight comes back with a vengeance and leaves the dieter demoralized and heavier.  Even for those not concerned about weight loss, advertisers make sure you haven’t been left out of the nutrition confusion […]

Is Breakfast Important?

For most, the foods they choose to eat come from habits learned in childhood.  Unfortunately, many of these food choices were influenced by commercials that promised ever tastier and easier ways to prepare meals rather than evidence about nutrition. Complicating the development of healthy taste preferences was the food industries’ influence over Federal food guidelines […]

Should You Stretch Your Hamstrings?

This week we have a health topic from Casey Westbrook, with Austin Physical Therapy, that should interest anyone getting started with an exercise program and might be inclined to overdo it.  For the couch potato suffering from back pain he also offers a word of caution.  As you will learn, the conventional recommendation for stretching […]

Calorie Density – What is it and why does it matter?

            Almost everyone finds it difficult to lose weight by eating less.  Fortunately, there is a solution to this vexing problem on the produce aisle.  By substituting the appropriate low caloric density foods for foods with a high caloric density, calories intake decreases.  This strategy has the advantage of allowing you to eat all you […]

How Primary Care Affects Health Care Costs and Outcomes

Want to know what the Government is doing to improve primary care? A peek into the testimony at congressional hearings might give you a clue. You might be surprised to learn the Government has a few questions they are still puzzling over. Fortunately, a Kansas primary care physician has some nice answers. Alas, Senators are […]

Why Being Average is Unhealthy

            Because I’m concerned about the long-term health of my patients, I often ask about diet and interest in weight loss.  For most, this question is understood as a reasonable concern.  Curiously, over the years more have objected to my concerns by pointing out that almost everyone is heavy as if to ask, “I’m just […]

What Supplements Do I Need?

            Have you noticed a supplement ad and thought, “That’s amazing, I need that?”  Well, if you have, you’re not alone.  Supplements are now the most common form of alternative medicine with Americans spending more than $30 billion on supplements each year.             Advertisements for supplements are compelling.  It’s not unusual for supplement ads to […]

Are You a Proteinaholic?

While food controversies over the last few decades tainted public opinions about carbohydrates and fats, protein survived with reputation intact.  With help from food marketing, protein has arguably achieved rock star status as the macronutrient of choice.  It’s noticeable how many foods promote their protein content as if it should be our most important concern. […]

The Lifestyle Medicine Revolution

We live in an age of amazing medical technologies that help with a wide range of circumstances.  Still, it’s hard to not be disappointed with the high cost and the notion that very few of these technologies address the root causes of disease.  This isn’t a surprise given that what most people suffer from is […]